Tor is also a local tour guide, so why not let him guide you into land of myths and legends. He will reveal the hidden sacred secrets of Glastonbury, Cornwall, Stonehenge, Avebury, Scotland, Bath and many more places. Just ask for more information on booking or see his website here.

'The Pilgrimage' Glastonbury.

Only One Day to See it All-Tour.

The Ultimate Glastonbury Experience  From £95

Stonehenge and Avebury,

One-day tour. From £180

Private access into Stonehenge can be arranged where possible


King Arthur's Cornwall,

Two-day tour in Tingagel and Boscastle. From £330


Glastonbury Chakra Tour.

The full Glastonbury Experience.​ From  £95


Walk the labyrinth on the Tor,

One-day tour. From £95,


Sacred Britain.

Six-day tour from Glastonbury, Bristol; London. From £850


​Scotland's Hidden Mysteries

Nine-day tour from Glastonbury, Bristol; London. From £1300


For all infomation, please visit:

Moon In the Apple Tree

B&B - Glastonbury